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Commons Education Select Committee
Special educational needs and disabilities inquiry
April 2018

  • A Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Inquiry was launched by the Commons Education Select Committee in April 2018. There are details of this on the House of Commons website.
  • Further Information on the Scope of the Inquiry has also been published on the House of Commons website.

The Michael Sieff Foundation made the following Submission to the Inquiry

  1. The Michael Sieff Foundation is a registered charity working since 1987 to improve policy and practice for the well-being of children and young people. Its most recent work has involved sponsoring (with the NCB) the setting up of the Carlile Inquiry on Youth Justice and pursuing the recommendations of that Report. The Foundation has a reputation for bringing together people to discuss issues relating to children in a non-partisan, non-judgemental environment.
  2. In 2017 the Trustees approved a project to investigate the impact of the reforms in the Children and Families Act 2014, with particular reference to the introduction of Education, Health and Care Plans and the detailed evidencing of educational need to provide effective educational and parenting support for children and young people with hidden disabilities. On 18 January 2018 the Foundation held a scoping seminar to discuss how to proceed. For further information see The Michael Sieff Special Educational Needs – Action Plan page for outcomes.
  3. The Foundation has now established a Working Group with membership from the DfE, the UCL Centre for Inclusive Education, Roehampton University, ADCS, the Council for Disabled Children, ICAN, Action-Attainment, and individuals with experience of the education and legal systems. Maggie Atkinson is the Lead Trustee for the project and Chair of the Working Group. Richard White is Secretary to the Foundation and the Group. They have had meetings with the DfE, NCB and Tim Loughton, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children.
  4. The Group is currently preparing a report on the landscape of EHC Plans and evidence of assessment with a view to wider consultation and publication on its website.
  5. The Foundation would be willing to give evidence to the Select Committee Inquiry if it would be considered helpful.

You can download a PDF version of the The Michael Sieff Foundation Submission here.

Maggie Atkinson & Richard White
The Michael Sieff Foundation
13 June 2018